Your Saviour is Coming - Saint Maud - Movie Review

A care assistant (Morfydd Clark) who has recently converted to Catholicism moves in to take care of a terminally ill former dancer (Jennifer Ehle) in a new psychological horror movie, ‘Saint Maud’.

Having been premiered at various film festivals in 2019, Rose Glass’s directorial debut was put on hold after the Covid pandemic closed cinemas around the globe. With some theatrical releases being moved to streaming services it is encouraging to see ‘Saint Maud’ getting a cinema release next month. 

This film bubbles with tension from the start and never lets you go. Reclusive young nurse, Maud, has a dark past but has found her way in Christ. Distancing herself from her past sins, an agency sends her to provide palliative care to former dancer, Amanda.

Amanda has lead a decadent life and is not about to give up on her vices now that she faces her final days. Maud’s fragile mind and infatuation with Amanda leads to a dangerous obsession in saving her from the Devil’s clutches and delivering her to the Lord. 

It is easy to see here why Rose Glass was picked out by BAFTA as a breakthrough talent. The whole film is so well crafted and unsettling; Maud is an unpredictable character that has us in her grasp throughout.

The relationship between Maud and Amanda is a destructive one played with devastatingly brittle effect by Morfydd Clark and Jennifer Ehle. 

An atmospheric and frightening score from Adam Janota Bzowski is perfectly used to add to the overall creepy vibe. 

Watching the intriguing story unfold, it is hard to believe that this is Glass’s directorial debut. If this is just the beginning, I’m interested to see what her career will deliver next. 

‘Saint Maud’ is released in UK cinemas on 9th October.