'The Tell Tale Heart' Short Movie - Review

Working within the Horror industry, we are sometimes given some interesting opportunities and we like nothing more than a sneaky preview. 

We were recently contacted by the makers of a new short horror film, ‘The Tell Tale Heart’, which is based on the Edgar Allen Poe story of the same name. Whilst being familiar with Poe and his stories, I have to confess to not having read any of his works.

Answering a call to claims of hearing bloodcurdling screams, the police arrive at the home of an elderly gentleman but are greeted by a young man (the Narrator) who claims to be the live-in help.

The Tell Tale Heart - Mikah Olsen, Sonny Grimsley, Teren Turner

As the officers question the young man we begin to question his sanity. What unfolds is a macabre tale of murder and deranged guilt. 

The film’s time setting is ambiguous which serves to add to a feeling of madness. We are never able to get a full handle on the situation we are presented with. 

Clever use of cinematography and lighting adds an uneasy hallucinogenic feeling which creates a new dimension to the narrative.  

Furthermore, tension builds with the near constant heartbeat within the score, constantly reminding us of the “heart” of the story. 

The Tell Tale Heart - James C Morris

The bloody confession certainly does not hold back in all it’s gruesome glory. Again a great use of camera work, which lets us see the gore whilst not showing us everything. 

As the tension and horror intensifies the Narrator continues to lose his grip on reality and we are left questioning what is real and what is fantasy.

A small cast lead by Sonny Grimsley is used to great effect and heightens a feeling of claustrophobia. Director McClain Lindquist provides an intense 22 minutes of insane storytelling. 

Currently in consideration for a number of film festivals, the movie does not yet have a release date. However, Horror fans can find out more on their website www.telltalemovie.com and why not give them a follow on their Instagram page @telltalemovie? 

Sleep tight


Sonny Grimsley as The Narrator