Good Guy Doll - Announcement

Trick or Treat Studios have just released exciting images of their new 1:1 scale Good Guy Doll straight off the production line. It has to be said that it’s looking pretty awesome.

Trick or Treat Studios have announced “we had to make a few design changes that impacted our delivery timeline, but we felt at the end of the day perfection was much more 

important” and as such they now expect to begin shipping in February of 2019. 

Shipping dates previously advised were always advertised as “estimated” dates. We always ship goods as soon as possible after receipt at our warehouse, so we offered two delivery options. The first was to bring some dolls over on an “expedited” air freight service to ensure that you were one of the first in the UK to receive your doll and only a couple of days after customers in the US. The second option was a sea freight option which would be received a couple of months later.

These two shipping options will still apply to our customers, with people who have paid for the “expedited” service receiving their dolls in February and everyone else receiving their dolls in April/May. Remember these dates are still “estimated” subject to the final shipping date advised by Trick or Treat Studios. 

Whilst delays are frustrating, for us as much as you, based on the images we have seen we really think that the wait will be worth it!