Getting a Grip on our New Website

A quick "how to: guide on resetting your account password

We hope that you are enjoying browsing the terrifying products that lurk within our BRAND NEW website. 
If you are an existing customer and you set up an account on the old website you will need to reset your password for the new site.
**This will not work if you didn't have an account and checked out as a "guest".
NEW or previous "Guest" customers will need to CREATE an account.

From the Home Page click on 'MY ACCOUNT'.


On the 'MY ACCOUNT' page you will get two options
Existing account holders should click on the link within the text, as indicated, to reset their password.
If you do not have an account, or previously checked out as a "guest" - go to 'CREATE NEW ACCOUNT' to get your new account. 


To 'RESET YOUR PASSWORD' (if you had a previous account) enter your email address here. You will then receive an email to the address entered. 


This is the email you will receive. Click the button to reset your password.


Create your password. Retype it to confirm and click to set it. 


New Customers will receive this 'Welcome' email when they have created their password. 


WELCOME to your existing/new account. 
This is how your account page will appear on our brand new website. 
You have complete control from here. You can amend addresses and view current and past orders. 
**NOTE - if you had an account on our old website you will NOT be able to view orders placed on the old site. Contact us if you need help with those orders. 


- If you cannot reset your password, it may be that you do not have an account with us and checked out as a 'GUEST'. If so you will need to create an account. 

- Orders placed on the old website will NOT be visible on the new website but are still in tact and traced by us at The Lair.